Friday, March 23, 2012

cutaway complete!

Finally the cutaway is complete. You can see it super close up at (I don't know how to make it any smaller)

The building is the Annex location of the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto, which is an awesome place to collaborate and rent office and desk space with like-minded people. There are always connections being made, and a bazillion things going on.

The Everything Roof is an awesome urban-agricultural-like project by the About Face Collective. Their Indiegogo campaign is done next week, so check it the sweet video and donate if you wish:

Alright .. so here is my process for those of you asking.

floor plans given to me

plan for the roof
plans outlined and exported as separate layers in Illustrator

photos like these used to create and position furniture

3D models created in bonzai3D

huge file - composite of all floors, put into 2pt perspective

this one has walls so I could cut them away later when needed
at this point I realized I did not have to spend all those hours creating furniture details

so I printed off those composites and placed mylar over and traced over with pencil
sandpaper was very helpful here to keep the tip sharpish (I did get lazy though, and have lots of chubby lines to show for it)

I did the wall lines on one sheet so they wouldn't get smudge-a-ludge, and so I could work the outside line weights

for the furniture, I printed off the composite without walls and started a new mylar sheet

mylar wears down your pencils a lot

scan scan scan

I took all the scans into Photoshop and tried to make them blend into each other, also adjusted lineweights

I threw in some placeholder colours on different layers so they'd be easy to change later on
I also added the furniture scan

adding colour! why did I spend so much time modelling!

adding the interior cutaway walls (on another mylar scan)
I use the brush tool + shift to outline and then fill in like you would with markers

colours tweaked, people added! I like to desaturate

detail of the roof

done! though I would still like more people in there


  1. and then I put in more people, added furniture and people to the upper floors, and desaturated even more!

  2. holy dats some serious work you put in...